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Customer Satisfaction

This course will guide your field technician through all stages of a positive customer experience, from the initial phone call to the follow-up satisfaction survey.

Module 1

Making the courtesy pre-call

Arriving at customer's home

Module 2

Making a great impression

Establishing a relationship

Module 3

Understanding the task

Handling an upset customer

Module 4

Completing the work task

Leaving a great impression

Final Exam

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Broadband Instalation

When combined with “hands-on” experience, this program will give the new student the skills and confidence they need to independently complete a typical broadband installation.

Module 1

Introduction & Orientation

Tools and Equipment

Module 2

External Drop Wiring

Module 3

Grounding & Accessories

External Home Wiring

Module 4

Internal Home Wiring

Pre-wire and Custom Wiring

Module 5

Multiple Dwelling Units

Wiring Tie-in & Accessories

Module 6

Converter and Modem Install

Customer Education

Final Exam

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Radio Frequency Basics

This program teaches RF fundamentals and how to apply this knowledge in real-world situations. The student will have greater confidence and be more productive when dealing with challenging circumstances.

Module 1

CATV Evolution

Basic System Architecture

Broadcast Origination

Signal Fundamentals

Building a Spectrum

Module 2

Signal Measurements

Coaxial Drop Cable

Passive Devices

Active Devices

Computation of Signal Level

Module 3

Workbook Forward

Module 4

Workbook Return

Final Exam

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Tech Essentials

Three critical topics are covered in this program that will further expand the skills of developing technicians. These skills will enable them to troubleshoot difficult issues and support complex installations.

Module 1 - Grounding/Bonding


Proper Grounding

Ground Device Attachments

MDU/Mobile Homes/Boats

Ground Conditions

Module 2 - Egress/Ingress

Egress/Ingress Defined



The "Funnel Effect"


Module 3 - Telephone/Alarm

Residential Phone Services

Residential Phone Wiring

Switching to VoIP Service

Demarc Isolation and Tie-in

House Alarm Overview

Final Exam

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Wireless Comunication

With this course, the student will gain the necessary knowledge of how a WiFi network operates, as well as how to identify, trouble-shoot and repair common problems found in a home.

Module 1


RF Performance

Module 2

Wireless Standards

Installation Concerns

Module 3

WiFi Issues

No Connectivity

Module 4

Intermittent Connectivity

WiFi Analyzer & Extenders

Module 5

Non-Physical Interference

WiFi Signal Impairments

Module 6

WiFi Performance Factors - 1

WiFi Performance Factors - 2

Final Exam

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Pricing & Volume Discounts

With our simple pricing structure, you can purchase credits that can be used whenever you're ready to enroll your students in a course. As a business owner, you can now address the specific cable training needs of each employee regardless of whether they're a “new hire” or an established technician in need of additional skills. Each credit purchased with allow you to enroll your student in a course of your choosing depending on their needs. Through administrative access and our school “Dashboard”, you will be able to enroll and manage the progress of each student on an ongoing basis. Online training has never been easier! Click here for "Sneak Peek"